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Linkin Park
frontman Chester Bennington debuted his new band, Dead by Sunrise,
during an anniversary party for his tattoo parlor chain, Club Tattoo,
at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Arizona, on Saturday. «I wouldn’t call
it a side project,” Bennington said before the show. «We’re a full,
ready-to-go band and so this is something we take very seriously.” The
band, which includes Bennington and members of the group Julien-K
(which contains several members of Orgy), is a traditional rock outfit
that is more straight-ahead and melodic than Linkin Park.

Speaking of his other band, Bennington revealed that Linkin Park has already begun writing the follow-up to Minutes to Midnight.
He explained the band had «the itch” to start writing again and headed
toward the studio. «We’re way ahead of the game,” Bennington said.
«We’re not planning on releasing a record this year. We don’t know when
it’s going to come out. But we just started working on stuff in the
studio. I never want to get in the way of what Linkin Park is. That’s
my baby. That’s my band. Those are my best friends. The last thing I
want to do is compromise what we’re doing.” Bennington also said he
hopes to have a Dead by Sunrise album out by 2009, barring other
commitments to other bands. «I want to make sure the record gets the
chance to do what it can do.”

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